Note: The following are the church policies for getting married at Evangelical Baptist Church. If you're interested in getting married at EBC, please give us a call. Congratulations! We are happy with you in this altogether worthwhile commitment to one another. We hope that your wedding day will mark a solemn and joyful entrance into life together.

Because we believe that marriage is ordained and blessed by God, we are eager to ensure that every aspect of the wedding ceremony pleases Him. God has kindly given us a beautiful building to worship Him in and to serve the community with. In an effort to make the wedding a special day, to help the couple in planning, and to ensure a good understanding with the church, the policies below have been set forth.

Theological Ground Rules

  1. We believe that a marriage is a lifelong commitment between a man and a woman. “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.”
  2. Since ours is a Christian church, the wedding participants must confess to be Christians in order to wed at EBC. This applies to the man and woman: God does not permit a believer in Christ to marry those outside of the faith. (2 Corinthians 6:14ff)
  3. We cannot marry any couple that is living together before the wedding. If an engaged couple that lives together agrees by conviction to separate and abstain sexually until the wedding, we will consider performing the ceremony.
  4. If one or both persons have been married previously and have been divorced, the pastor will talk carefully with the couple to see if he can in good conscience perform the ceremony.
  5. Because we respect the high place of the local church, a couple whose membership is in another church can only wed at EBC with the blessing of their pastor.  In connection with this, other Christian pastors are permitted to participate in the wedding ceremony. In most cases, though, a pastor of EBC will actually officiate the wedding; although in a few cases we will permit the couple’s pastor to do so.
  6. Every couple is required to meet with a pastor of EBC at least once before the decision is made to solemnize the vows at EBC. Once that decision is made, they will need to meet three more times. The purposes of these meetings are to get to know one another, to ensure that there are similar understandings of marriage, and to work out the practical details of the ceremony.

General Responsibilities and Guidelines

  1. Working with the EBC wedding coordinator is mandatory, even if you choose to also have an outside coordinator.  The EBC coordinator will answer questions and organize the scheduling.
  2. All outside vendors must be approved by the wedding coordinator.
  3. Children are to be well supervised and never left unattended.
  4. No smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed on the premises.
  5. The use of candles to light the sanctuary is permitted within very strict guidelines. You are responsible for having someone light, extinguish, and remove all candles. Only smokeless, dripless candles are permitted, and all candles must be placed on protective coverings to catch any unforeseen wax drippings.
  6. No thumb tacks, nails, or adhesives of any kind may be used in decorating the sanctuary. Any florist can provide appropriate hangers. Nothing may be attached to fabric‐covered surfaces.
  7. Only silk or cloth flower petals are permitted for use by the flower girls.
  8. All decorations must be removed immediately following the ceremony.
  9. For evening and weekend services, the parking lot across the street from the church is available.
  10. The families of the couple are responsible to move and replace the furniture and plants as well as reception tables and chairs.
  11. The families of the couple are to provide ALL clean-up for the rehearsal and reception activities and kitchen.  This includes dishwashing.
  12. The families of the couple are to provide ALL food preparation and serving at the reception.
  13. Couples will be responsible for damages, extra clean-up, or extraordinary charges attributed to the facilities during use.
  14. Food or beverages are not permitted in the sanctuary.
  15. Guns or other weapons are prohibited on the premises.


  1. The order of service, including songs and lyrics, must be submitted to the pastor and wedding coordinator four (4) weeks before the wedding. We reserve the right to approve all music, and readings used in the wedding service.  Generally all music used, whether instrumental, recorded, or vocal, must be appropriate for a worship service.  The texts of all songs must adhere to biblical principles.
  2. EBC musicians may be available for hire, or you can use outside musicians. If outside musicians are used, they must contact the church organist/pianist.
  3. While use of the sound system is permitted, modification should not be made to the sound board (or sound system) without prior consultation with our audio technician.

Rehearsal Dinner

You may have your catered rehearsal at EBC.  The details need to be discussed with the EBC Wedding Coordinator and the related fees are included in the fee schedule below.


  1. Because of the potential of stains, red- or grape-based punch is not allowed at any reception.
  2. It is requested that evening receptions be concluded by 9 p.m . for clean up and security purposes.

Guidelines for Fellowship Hall and Kitchen Use

  1. Use of the refrigerator and/ or freezer for storing items prior to the event must be arranged ahead of time through the wedding coordinator.  Permission will be given provided there is adequate room in the refrigerator or freezer.
  2. Church owned containers, pitchers, bowls, plates, utensils, etc., may NOT leave the facility.
  3. The caterer or responsible party must bring their necessary containers if leftovers are to be saved from the event.
  4. For safety reasons, due to the types of dangers involved with cooking in an institutional kitchen, children under the age of 10 are allowed in the kitchen only under the direct supervision of an adult.
  5. Concluding the use of the kitchen, counter tops and tables must be wiped clean with a clean cloth and disinfectant.
  6. Dishes, utensils, flatware, glasses, pots and pans, etc., are to be washed and drained.
  7. Appliances used must be cleaned.
  8. All trash should be taken to the dumpster.
  9. All spills should be cleaned immediately because of the danger of a fall while working in the kitchen.
  10. Soiled linens should be placed in a container labeled for “dirty linens.”
  11. All items should be returned to the place they were found.

Fee Schedule

Wedding fees are based on your desire for various services and the personnel necessary to perform them. These costs reflect a service to you to provide for your wedding. The payment/check is to be made to Evangelical Baptist Church of Newton. We will, in turn, contract for the services needed.

Payment is to be delivered to the Wedding Coordinator at least two weeks prior to the wedding.

Members - Free!

Non‐members (Seating Capacity: 200)

Security Deposit: $500.00

Wedding Only: $900.00

Wedding plus Reception: $1,200.00

Rehearsal/Rehearsal Dinner: $150.00/hr

Additional Time: $150.00/hr

Cold Months Surcharge (November 15 – April 15): $15/hour that heat is turned on (subject to price change)

The Security Deposit covers the church property, building and its contents for possible repairs, reorganization or cleaning that goes beyond what would be considered as normal.  If the church is returned to the same condition as before the wedding, all of the Security Deposit will be returned within ten (10) working days after the date of the wedding.

The remainder of all fees is due two weeks before the date of the wedding.  Should the wedding date be cancelled, all but one hundred dollars of the Security Deposit will be returned.

Basic Wedding Fee

The basic wedding fee includes:  1) use of the church for five (5) hours for the day of the wedding, 2) the services of the wedding coordinator, 3) use of the sound system, piano, and organ, and 4) cleanup after the wedding.  Please note that the officiating minister’s honorarium is not included (the wedding couple is responsible to make that arrangement with the minister).

Any additional time required that goes beyond the time described above will be accommodated at the additional time fee listed above.

Rehearsal Dinner

Both the Fellowship Hall and kitchen are available for use after the rehearsal, if desired.  It includes the use of tables and chairs, the kitchen ovens and appliances and sinks.  It does not include the use of plates, cups, utensils or the cleanup and removal of garbage from the kitchen and Fellowship Hall.  (Cleanup and removal of garbage will be the responsibility of the wedding party for rehearsal dinners.  The wedding coordinator will give guidance as to what that involves.)


The Fellowship Hall and kitchen are available for use for a wedding reception following the wedding ceremony, if desired.  It includes the use of tables and chairs, the kitchen ovens and appliances and coffee and tea service.  It does not include the use of plates, cups, utensils or the cleanup and removal of garbage from the kitchen and Fellowship Hall.  (Cleanup and removal of garbage will be the responsibility of the wedding party for rehearsal dinners.  Again, the wedding coordinator will give guidance as to what that involves.)  (The church does not provide coffee, tea, punch or other beverages.)

Personal Property Liability

Evangelical Baptist Church will not be liable for dresses, silver, jewelry, purses/billfolds, or any personal items lost, stolen or damaged at any event related to this wedding.


To secure a date for your wedding on the church calendar a signed Wedding Policy Agreement with Security Deposit is required.  All weddings and wedding dates should have the approval of the church Pastor and church office before the completed Wedding Policy Agreement with Security Deposit are sent in.

If any violation of this agreement occurs, at the sole discretion of Evangelical Baptist Church of Newton, MA administration, the user/renter will be notified and may be denied use of EBC space or whatever other consequences are deemed appropriate, including assessment of costs of repair or replacement.